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Athens: November 24, 2014




Ladies and gentlemen!

As we are committed in our presence in the meeting on October 13th, 2014, we submit this supplemental memorandum containing detailed POPA’s positions on important issues relating to the coaches.

Also, we ask you to read what the issues mentioned in the memo that we deliver on October 13, will be enshrined in the law editing


a)      COACH

Coach is the person who has acquired in accordance with applicable law and typical merits of athletic preparation, education, training and coaching athletes of every level and age.  Who will also provide professional service to sports clubs, local associations, sports teams or sports federations.  To prepare athletes for all kinds of games and activities for the sport concerned. 

 2.The profession of coaching in Greece standing to pursue those who hold a license to practice issued by the General Secretariat for Sport after submitting notification of exercise of the profession of the person concerned and his enrollment in the special file coaches.  The award decision is notified to the relevant sports federation.

 3. The legal practitioners coach in Greece, as defined in Articles 1 and 2 and 136 paragraph 5 of law 2725/99, as in force subject to the specific provisions of the existing regulations as coaches in the sport for which offer their specific services

 4. Each coach is contracted in writing with the mandatory athletic organization which provides services with full, partial or periodic employment of employees or independent service providers.  The contract to be valid it is required to be submitted to the competent Tax agency.

5. Coach are obliged to employ for training athletes or learning the sport in sports academies: a) sports federations and sports clubs, b) the sporting public companies and departments paid sportsmen, c) clubs which cultivate Olympic sports, d) clubs that operate and organize learning schools of any recognized or not in non-sport athletes whether to supply it or not paid tuition, e) sports clubs developing individual sport, non-Olympic, and have athletes under the age of 18 years.

6) All issues of Labor disputes of coaches in the exercise of their profession will be resolved by the Higher Council for Sports Issues. Its sole purpose is to provide a quick resolution.


Instructor is the natural person who has acquired in accordance with applicable law (to provide a framework) typical and essential qualifications for learning the sport or not recognized in persons not having the status of the athlete, providing services as a self or employee organization - provider learning the sport (To set the carrier - provider learning the sport).


 (Take into account the Law 2741/1999 Article 21, paragraphs 3a and 3b).

Escort business is the natural person who has the authority to conduct sport–like activities e.g, Rafting boat governance, mountaineering climbing, cruising kayak governance in natural environment etc.


a) Academic qualification (eg Bachelor of Physical Education, or equivalent faculty of abroad, or diploma by coaches school of the General Secretariat of Sport, or recognized schools coaches diploma of abroad).

b) Copy of criminal record, any pending criminal prosecution for a misdemeanor or felony.

c) Certificate of public health service in which to demonstrate that there is no condition that sealant services.



On the occasion heretofore issued decrees regulations coaches, under Article 31, paragraph 9 law 2725 / 1999 which provides that within a year, should have been set matters relating to employment of coaches, we believe that these arrangements should be provided within the law they are editing.  Issues that should be regulated by law are:

1. The notification process to practice.

2. Qualifications of coaches.

3. Categories of coaches, with the possibility of divergence with the ministerial decision

4. Employment of coaches.                                     

5. ID card of coaches.  Adopted by public entities (e.g. GSS) and disclosure to coaches associations and spot federation.

 6. Obligations of clubs to recruit coaches.

 7. Recruitment of foreign coach, coming from a third country (non-EU).

 8. Disciplinary offenses and penalties.

 9. Incompatibility to practice the profession coach.

10. Training of trainers.  Ability to provide training events may be implemented by: GSA, Coaches Associations and Hellenic Federation of Sports Coaches and Trainers (POPA).

11. Schools of coaches.  POPA had proposed the establishment of "National School of Coaches' as an institution of tertiary education, modeled on the curriculum of Physical Education, but with specificity in any sport.  In this exam will be enrolled at athletes and graduates from the Physical Education.

However, the current economic conditions in Greece require by us to work out an alternative.  Utilizing tourism development and jobs grow in the sports tourism.  The basic principles are:

a) improve the level of knowledge provided, b) operation of schools where there is an identified need for new coaches, covering existing real requirements, c) schools will have specific curriculum, d) will have a specific time period to enable accurate and comprehensive knowledge to be provided, e) practice, f) reliable examinations and g) appropriate teaching staff.

The schools should be established by the GSS and supervised by a committee consisting of representatives of the GSS, the relevant Sport Federation and POPA.

 On this issue, paragraph 6 of Article 136 of Law 2725/1999, as amended

 (". The General Secretariat for Sport may decide, at the request and expense of the relevant sports federation, establish periodic Coaches Schools. The same decision also regulates the functional aspects of each school, the candidate's qualifications, the teaching staff and all other related issue. This decision also specified mandatory: a) the amount of the total fees of attendance of each candidate may not exceed a maximum of 250.00 euros, paid reciprocal of each candidate and b) the minimum duration of study and the total hours of compulsory attendance of school for each candidate, which may in no case be less than 95% of the total teaching hours for each period.  The General Secretariat of Sports verify diplomas magazines School Coaches as to their legality, and may appoint a working group whose task will be to monitor the adherence to conditions in the school, as determined by the judgment of the running.  Members of these groups no compensation. ")

with paragraph 2 of Article 78 of Law. 4170/2013 (Government Gazette 163 / 12.07.2013) and currently in force, shall be amended, as the operation of "periodic Schools Coaches' that this item comes contrary to Article 31 of n. 2725/1999 and the conditions of the special permit to practice as a coach, allowing the substance in each federation to set its own criteria for the selection and admission of candidates in these schools, without subject to any control.

Alternatively recommend the schools of coaches, to be entrusted to the Ministry of Education, since:

A) It is a learning process, and

B) Sport Federations and GSS are not in any way educational institutions.

C) As a basic prerequisite consider the technical competence and knowledge of the sport by any prospective coach who wants to attend college coaches.  Sufficiency which only practice exam can be certified unless of course there are legal documents participation in that sport as an athlete in the past.

Note: There are many sports that do not have a major in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science of the National Hellenic University.  Therefore, it is essential that coaches of these sports highlighted by the Coaches Schools, but on the basis of specific criteria that will be provided in advance and will relate, first, to the entrance of candidates in Schools, and secondly, testing and certification of knowledge required.

Necessary, of course, is the continuous training of coaches, through seminars, which are held every two years either by GSS or by POPA.

This procedure is recommended to apply as a prerequisite for renewal of license to practice the profession of coaching.

For all these reasons, we imperatively believe, the coach must participate in decision-making in sport institutions participating in Board meetings to make decisions with the right to speak, right of documentation and right of voting!  For the Board of POPA

                                       CHAIRMAN                                                                    GENERAL SECRETARY


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